Public talks in Switzerland

Since 2010 I give public talks on Chinese culture. I talk about Peking Opera and about the fascinating Chinese names that carry many symbolic meanings unknown to us in the West.

At the moment I am preparing a talk about the indigenous Chinese belief systems.

The association “Friendship with China, Bern” invited me to give a talk about Chinese names.


"Katri Näf explained the secrets of the Chinese name giving practices to a group of 20 listeners. Katri’s expert knowledge of the subject and the way she motivated her public to participate by telling about their own experiences on the topic made the event very interesting and lively. Thank you so much for sharing."

Ursula Wu

Public talks in China


"Ms Katri Naef gave a talk to a group of students in my department on the historical development of Switzerland. Her power-point presentation was very interesting and clearly structured including pictures of a country unknown to most of the listeners. The students showed great interest in what they heard and made many question during and after the presentation. We warmly welcome Ms Naef back in Beijing."

Associate Professor Ph.Dr. Zhao Xiao Yan, University of Science and Technology, Beijing, People’s Republic of China


"Ms. Katri Naef visited my laboratory and told us about her home country Switzerland at a faculty meeting. The listeners found her power-point presentation about the historical development of the Swiss Confederation very informative. They also enjoyed seeing the beautiful pictures of the country that supplemented the informational part. There was a good discussion with many questions after the presentation. I can warmly recommend Ms. Naef as a competent and interesting speaker."

Research assistant professor, Shi Xuanling, School of Medicine, Tsinghua University, People's Republic of China.

My blog provides more information about my interests concerning the Chinese culture.